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Monday, March 17, 2014

Book festival results...

Before I get into my ramblings about it all, I will tell you that I sold 6 books. (Thank you friends!) For $35 it was worth sharing a space with nine other authors for two hours! Several people stopped by and picked up my card so that they could buy kindle versions.

Disclaimer: One of the problems I faced was a master seller right next to me. She had more than eight published books and almost leaned out to grab people by their lapels, reeling them in like fish... "What do you like to read?" I can hear her voice in my ears as I write this. She was on my left, the direction most people were coming from, so that by the time they reached me they had either bought one of her books or just wanted to get the hell away from us. I thought her strategy inspiring, but I couldn't exactly call out the same question now could I? The other thing I noticed was that two thirds of the people who came by answered 'mystery' as their main genre. I could call mine paranormal mysteries, I suppose.

Another problem is what I refer to as 'the talking non-buyer', a person who comes by just to chat, basically keeping possible buyers away. Nothing to do about this without being massively rude.

Several authors in my pavilion brought huge posters along to place next to their books, a cover from one of their books that could be seen from 100 feet away. Great idea that I will implement next year.

What I brought away from it all: next year I will try and schedule my two hours on Saturday when the most people are wandering through. Apparently 100,000 people were expected and next year it should be even bigger. I will attempt to be more engaging with passers-by...maybe ask them what they like to read? (ha) or possibly some other quip unique to my genre--have to think on that. Poster. I also hope to have two more books out by next year-- the sequel to Gypsy's Quest and another paranormal story that takes place in the Tucson desert. The more books I have, the better the chances. Right now I guess I should get back to writing--have a lot to accomplish in the upcoming months!

Any of you authors go to book Festivals? what has been your experience?

Thanks for reading.


  1. amusing, practical, insight Nick.

    1. thanks for reading, Lis...(and leaving a comment!)