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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Book festival in Tucson!

I had planned to go to several talks at the Tucson Book Festival, but when we decided to have our living room floors tiled this week, everything changed. We had invited friends over for Sunday night, after the festival closed and my book signing was over, and with the amount of work I needed to do to get the house back in order, I knew there was no way! And so I worked like a crazy person today, enjoying every minute of it as I redid the living room. I decided to leave the floor open, no rugs to mar the beautiful dusky orange tiles with the 2x2 decorative tiles placed strategically.

I have to admit that I have little interest in most of the talks. I seem to be getting more and more hermit-like as I age. It doesn't interest me to hear another writer's process, or even how they got their book published. There are a couple of authors I really like attending the festival, who I would have been interested to hear, but...did I mention the parking and general chaos?

I realized today that choosing 2 to 4 on Sunday as my times was probably not the best decision. I'm really not sure why I did--perhaps the earlier times were taken? By that time people are probably wrapping it up, exhausted from everything they've seen  and heard. Maybe my choice was about excusing myself if I didn't sell well, for how could I expect someone to buy my books after an entire weekend of this? In any case it's too late to do anything about it. I WILL be at the festival from 2 to 4 tomorrow afternoon, and I will hope for the best.

More after the festival...

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