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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

can't stop writing

This title can be taken two ways:
1. I cannot stop myself from writing, which is how I meant it
2. To be successful you can't stop writing

I'm thinking positively about how things are going because I have the sense that there is a momentum building. I don't look at my 'stats', I don't lament the fact that there aren't a hundred downloads a day. I don't wish for more than I have.

Yesterday two people from my yoga class purchased one of my books. I was thrilled and touched. Every little bit helps. Word of mouth is a big seller. I haven't forgotten all the sites where my book is listed. I'm working on a promo in June on the Indie author promo site. For a mere $25 they will:

  • Posts advertised to over 234,574 of IBP’s combined followers from Twitter, Google +, Facebook, Reddit, Digg, Stumbelupon and more
  • One month of Sidebar Advertising
  • Choice of guest post, author interview, book blurb/excerpt feature
  • Free use of Free Days and Cheap Books databases
  • Author/book listed on “Authors We Featured” and “Books 4 Sale” page
  • Book cover advertised and archived on Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ with links to Amazon
  • Your post stays on our highly optimized site for the duration of IBP
This is bronze--they also have other packages to choose from. 

I'm tweeting more. Not necessarily about my books but sometimes tangentially--also about subjects I care about deeply like Monsanto's take-over or the Tar Sands pipeline and animal welfare. Have noticed more people following me. Not sure why when I check out their profiles. Sometimes it's their form of advertising, other times I can't discern the reason. In any case I usually follow back.

I'm working on two books at the same time. One is the sequel to Gypsy's Quest and the other a completely unrelated story that takes place in the desert. This is helpful because when I'm stuck on one I go to the other. Still working out whether it's a good idea to publish them at the same time. Perhaps there should be a month between them?

How is marketing going for you? Any new ideas popping up? Delighted to hear any and all comments.

Thank you for reading! 

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  1. the indie promo site looks good value. Be interesting to see if you notice any real benefits. I hope so, Nikki