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Sunday, August 3, 2014

empty nest syndrome

So now that book # six has been sent off to the formatter I am left with a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. I could use this time to catch up on housework (dust bunnies everywhere), or get some reading done (two books partially read), or get my office organized (total mess and filthy), or even get my consignment sheets filled out and up to date (scribbled mess on the back of the written sheet), or I could kick back and do nothing.

Anyone had empty nest syndrome? Last baby has moved out and there's an empty room in the house and a hollowness that refuses to go away? Instead of doing any of the things I mentioned above I think it's time to get pregnant again. I have to have a baby in the house or what am I living for? Whoa! you say, looking at me askance. Are you sure you don't want to enjoy some leisure time?

I have two more projects on the back burner and one of them needs to be in gestation. Okay, enough with the pregnancy and birth metaphors--the third book of the Gypsy series is merely a glint in it's mother's eye.  (sorry, I couldn't help it!) I have barely begun to think about what happens next although I do have a few ideas. Is this the time when I need to outline? Because trying to write this one by the seat of my pants is going to be hard. For one thing I've set up a situation that needs to be reconciled--but I cannot use the same format as the first two. (Gertrude has already written two books that have impacted the future). And since it will more than likely be the last book in the series (although who knows?), it needs to take in all the tiny details from book 1 and 2 and expand on them. And there must be tension!!! Without a dilemma to solve there is no story.

So, shall I start out in the future or in Milltown? Who will be my main protagonist? Will it be Gertrude again or will it be Rifak or some other peripheral character? (one of the Vanatru?) How do I figure this out? (sigh)

I think the only way out of this is to start writing. I know for some of you writers this seems like lunacy, but I don't know any other way. Hopefully the muse will take me through this one as she has taken me through all the others. Her name changes but whatever she calls herself she is still there to inspire and cajole, to pull me out of funks and keep the story going. (Muse? do you hear me?)

How do you deal with a finished book? Do you take a break or start another?

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