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Friday, August 1, 2014

Which one?

Here are three versions of blurb for my new book--without knowing what this book is about, which one would make you want to read it? or if none of them, why?

Coyote yearns to be human but when his wish is granted he discovers that the shaman left out one tiny detail—as soon as he falls asleep he will always return to animal form.
Meeting the human female Sara further complicates Coyote’s life as he is drawn to her in a way he can’t explain. Ignoring Raven’s warnings that he should stick with his own kind, Coyote-man finds himself heading to Sara’s house at odd times, her essence impossible to ignore.
When a cruel trick of fate separates them, Coyote seeks council from a Navajo man who promises to help. Will this man trick him like the other shaman or can he be trusted?
Walking the spirit trail brings answers but not to the questions he asked.

What will happen if Sara learns the truth? Will she turn away from this strange-looking man with the yellow eyes who seems like he comes from a different planet?

Coyote smelled the fire before he caught sight of the flames burning hot and bright in the black desert night. The man in sitting in front of the fire wore a coyote skin over his shoulders, the animal head resting on top of his human head. Coyote had heard of these skin walkers who took the pelts of his brethren to use in ceremonies. Disgusted, he was turning away when the man began to speak.
 There was once a coyote who wanted to become a man, but before he could be granted his wish the shaman asked him for three things.”
Coyote pricked up his ears. He wanted to become a man. Coyote nearly danced with joy.
“You must bring me a star,” the man continued, firelight flickering in his dark eyes.
A star? Coyote gazed upward into the darkness where stars blinked blue and white, wondering how he could ever manage this task.
“Now don’t be discouraged,” the shaman said, noticing his tail go down, his ears drooping. “Think of it like a riddle.”
What was a riddle?

  Coyote wants to be human, but when he’s granted his wish he finds out it’s harder than he thought. He doesn’t understand the behavior of these two-legged creatures who walk by him smelling of rosewater. And when they salute him with one finger extended he's perplexed--does this mean they like him or not? He tries not to listen to Raven’s dire predictions about his future, the bird’s insistence that it is his karma to be a coyote.
When Coyote meets Sara all bets are off. Her sun hair and sky eyes draw him to her in ways he’s never experienced. But what he’d hoped for is dashed when he discovers the shaman’s cruel trick—he will always revert to animal form when he falls asleep.
When the shaman’s mutilated body is discovered on a mountain trail, animal control goes after the lone coyote that’s been hanging around. Despite Sara’s claim that this particular animal saved her life Coyote cannot escape the roaring smoke-spewing beasts or the stinging dart that puts him into darkness. He hears the words 'relocated' and 'euthanize' but doesn't understand their meaning. 
By the time Coyote finds his way back, Sara is gone. Raven tells Coyote that she left with her mate and traveled to the cold country and according to Raven this is a sign. Coyote should forget Sara and focus on his own kind. But Coyote can't forget her. 
Will their paths ever cross again? And if they do will Coyote tell her the truth?

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