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Thursday, December 11, 2014

of shoes and ships and sealing wax...

Did you know that there is a Norse mythological ship named Skidbladnir? She could be folded up and put into a pocket and belonged to the god Freyr. Why do I mention this? Well, for one thing she figures prominently in my new book Gypsy's Secret, but also because this sort of stuff fascinates me.

I've heard authors say that the reason they write is because they like to make stuff up--I feel the same way and also LOVE it when I can find some tidbit like this to use in one of my books! This 'historical data' infuses the narrative with something bigger than my own imagination.

 I've allowed myself to become very negative recently about the 'real' world and because of this I can't sleep and feel like I'm coming down with something. I can't completely ignore it l but I can certainly bring the positive and playful into my life. And then just maybe the curtain will lift and show me the world that has been hidden for a few weeks.

Something is lurking at the back of my mind but to get at it a medieval rock wall needs to be scaled. And it's tall with very few footholds. On the other side is a grassy field that leads into a valley and at the very bottom is a river which I may have to cross. And it's rushing at this time of year. There may or may not be a dragon to carry me over the river but he lives on the other side of the wall and might possibly be unfriendly. But I have the muse the call on in times like this and call I will!

Will it be the unicorn who comes to my aid? symbolizing magic and breaking free. Or will it be Arianrhod, the moon goddess who I'm well acquainted with from the very first book I wrote? Or possibly a new one, Nematona, Celtic goddess of sacred spaces will appear to guide me over the wall.

Getting imprisoned in the physical world  is so easy if one doesn't take care and getting free again may take some time, but at least I can see the bars now. Soon they will be gone.

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  1. Research is everything. It feeds the imagination and adds ballast