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Sunday, April 19, 2015

multi-tasking be damned!

Don't look like that--I didn't say I wouldn't change my mind! After getting advice from a fellow author I am concentrating on the story with the most pages written. It happens to be a sort of sequel to the Gypsy Trilogy. The main characters are Fehin (amazing 16-year-old son of Gertrude) and Airy-(daughter of Harold and Maeve from Wolfmoon Trilogy who is also 16.) I can't seem to let my characters drift off into nothingness!

This story takes place in our world but a few years in the future. The problems that exist today are amplified in 2021. My characters are linked by a shared destiny and have been tasked with building a bridge, but for what purpose or how, is still to be determined. I'm 190 pages in and nothing has been decided. I can't puzzle through it myself and am waiting to let them do the honors. If they can't come up with a solution I'm stuck with a cover I've already paid for and a title...get on it, you guys!

I find my mind drifting toward the other  three projects I have in the wings (yes, it was 2 but now there are 3), wanting to work on them because of the dilemma, but I think the advice was good--get this one done and then move on. If only I could.

On to other news that concerns marketing. I went to a book signing at Bookmans yesterday that was mainly a bust. Only one person, other than the other authors signing with me, bought one of my books. And my square refused to work! The bookstore didn't have a sign out and the set-up of tables shaped in a U was not great. I hate that configuration because once you're in there you can't get out! It's hard for claustrophobic or shy folks who would love take a look but don't want to get stuck or roped in. I said as much in my e-mail to the organizer. I suggested placing us near our genre within the store where people searching could come upon us, but maybe she's worried that this would take away from their sales. I suggested paying a small commission if this was the case.

I have another one of these events next weekend at Mostly Books, a local independent bookstore. There will be three of us, (all fantasy/sci-fi authors) and from what I know of the store layout I doubt we will be sitting together. I haven't had good luck selling there in the past but there's always a first time! (Forever the optimist)

And speaking of selling, when I was buying bird seed at our local Wild Birds Unlimited I sold a copy of Just Another Desert sunset to the owner! He had helped me carry the bags to the car and when I opened the back he saw my books and asked about them. I told him I was the author. He only had thirteen dollars in his pocket, which he handed over. Made my day!!! Good reason to have books with you at all times.

Keep on reading and I love any or all comments!

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