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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Now I've got  three writing projects going at the same time...is this wise? I have no idea! Today I worked on all three which was quite weird, to tell you the truth. I suppose my only real worry is overlap--that the character in one will suddenly imprint on the character in another. (what if they're interchangeable?)But they are very different stories. One is the sequel to 'Just another Desert Sunset' called 'Desert Sunrise'. (shapeshifting coyotes) The second is a sequel to the Gypsy series, called 'Bridge of Mist and Fog',  and the protagonists are both seventeen years old. The third is what is known as a 'Cozy'-- a genre I knew nothing about until a day ago and one I'm enjoying! Fun to write and no pressure since they are usually very short books. The working title is 'Murder in Plain Sight', but it may change. Protagonist runs a Crystal and Herb shop...but I'm digressing...

I move from one to the other like someone bottling different wines--Sip a bit of this, sip a bit of that. This one needs more aging, that one may be ready. And the third? Well, it needs work. But what kind of work? I drink a little and slosh it around in my mouth. Not quite right. Now I have to decide what the 'not right' is. Do I need to blend it with something? Not with one of the others! NO!

And so the writing life continues to surprise me. I would love to get one project finished but not sure that is going to happen any time soon. Another new thing is the dyslexia I've recently developed--constantly having to go back and fix the mistakes I've made. I just went back in the previous sentence and corrected three turned around letters! It's frustrating and takes time.

I have two book signings coming up this month, at two different bookstores. Should be interesting since there will be several of us together. I will certainly be reporting back on how it all goes!

What's going on in your writing world?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi Nikki..I thought I left a comment, but it apparently didn't take. You are a pretty prolific writer! I'll take a little time to get to know 'you' through your blog. See you again at the writer's workshop!