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Monday, June 29, 2015

Circe, goddess of magic

This morning the word Circe appeared in my mind. Circe? I knew she was a goddess but I had forgotten of what. And so I googled her and found out that she's the Greek goddess of magic. She was well known for her knowledge of potions and herbs. I wondered if it was a call for me to get finished with my cozy mystery and move back to writing fantasy because in fantasy I can let my imagination run wild. Not that I can't in the cozy, it's just that I have to actually plot out what's going to happen and who dun-it. I'm used to writing myself out of blind corners but in a mystery this is not possible. So now, on my desk, is a piece of paper covered with scribbles that detail who did what and when and who didn't.

I love writing about mythology or at least twining it through my stories, especially gods and goddesses. I have two more stories in progress and I'm sure that Circe would fit into one of them. Another thing about Circe is she transformed her enemies into animals--remember Homer's Odyssey? That idea is sooo tempting as a story line!

But might her name have appeared for another reason? That the game is on and magic is afoot? I do feel magic in the air these days--maybe due to the monsoons, maybe a change in the stars or maybe simply that I am writing again!!! Every afternoon for the last few days the sky darkens and thunder rumbles--the wind comes up and maybe there's lightning--and then it rains. The air is freshened and the temperature drops to somewhere reasonable.

Last night I dreamed I was in school. I have these dreams from time to time and mostly I'm trying to figure out where I'm supposed to be or haven't attended a class for the entire semester and now have to take a test. Last night I was utterly confused as usual and to top it off my cell phone was completely useless relaying some automated message that meant it couldn't function. What usually happens in these dreams is that I realize that I don't need to be in school anymore and I wake up. Last night this didn't happen and so I figured that maybe I need to learn something--possibly something big. Does this tie in with Circe and her magic? A phrase appeared in my mind just before I woke up: 'We are the world we live in.' Does this mean we create the world we live in? I think so because that's been a recurring theme in my consciousness lately. And yet when I go into the dark places I can't see any of this. Maybe with Circe as a reminder I can pull myself out sooner.

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  1. Love it! I need to get back into the magical world. too much mundanity going here, I can't keep up with it, much less leave it all and go off by myself and imagine things . . .
    Circe makes me think of the Dan Simmons Ilium/Olympos books. She's in those, but probably in a totally different way than you would write her. But I do love his books.

    1. haven't read those books but will look into them! thanks for reading and I hope you can get out of the mundane world and notice the fairies living under the hedge...