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Saturday, October 24, 2015

inspiration? more prompts!

What I felt when I saw that familiar city, the place where the bridge had connected those two land masses, went beyond mere words. I stood on that barren hill trying to wrap my mind around the scene of desolation, but in the end all I could do was stare. I had no more tears for what had happened to our civilization, no more regrets and no hope. We had done this to ourselves and although I had known it was coming it made no difference. What I knew and what I tried to tell others had fallen on deaf ears.

They had been determined to continue with growth above all else, greed for money and riches going beyond any considerations for the environment, people or anything that made any sense. And now we had finally reaped our reward--a barren land that would not sustain life. I took a breath and then another, knowing that even this would be taken from me very soon. Oxygen was the product of the plants and trees and now that they were gone it would be in short supply. Some of the wealthy had thought to protect themselves in domes that supplied them with their needs, but without electricity even these would fail in the end. 

I watched the sky turn purple and then gray, no sun descending into the western horizon tonight. It was like my worst nightmare come true. The end had come in the way of a nuclear bomb that had destroyed all of us, everything. How could we have been so stupid? And yet our country, the one that was supposed to the leader, had set the thing off, in a misguided attempt to stop our enemies. What enemies? We're all in this together now--no separate countries, no boundaries, no religions to fight against. If anyone survived we will have to pool our resources, what little we have. I turned to find a place to spend the night hoping to find one soul to speak with. 

Thanks for reading! Now take a look at this picture and let your imagination run WILD!

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