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Saturday, May 21, 2016

google craziness

I just spent nearly an hour trying to get into my blog--it is under an old e-mail account that doesn't
exist anymore, but when I TRY AND CHANGE IT THINGS GO TOTALLY AWRY!!!

Why is everything so damned difficult? And I LOVE it that there is no phone number listed ANYWHERE to call a human being in order to solve these damn problems that come up OVER AND OVER!

Okay, rant over, although my blood pressure is still too high...Back to blogging--isn't that why I'm here? Can't even remember what I'd planned to blog about!

Thinking...okay...marketing...is anyone using either Twitter Jukebox or Manage Flitter? I've been working with a marketer who has been setting up automatic tweets (twitter jukebox) that cost nothing and go out something like 5 times a day? They are in the form of picboxes with images of my books and either some little word teaser or just a wolf image to go along with The Wolf Moon trilogy...fun--wish I knew how to do them because I love this kind of stuff--would have to buy a program and learn it. Do I have the time or patience for this?

I just uploaded the 3rd book in my Summer McCloud paranormal murder mystery series (Black and White and Red all Over only .99) and the Createspace copy should be out in a day or two. I am also working on a book (Return of the Wolf) that fits in between The Wolf Moon and Bridge of Mist and Fog--it fills in some of the sixteen year time gap between the two and follows Maeve and Harold into....I would tell you the storyline but if you haven't read The Wolf Moon it would be a major spoiler alert!

Also beginning a book about a time-travelling witch...so, probably don't have the time to do the picboxes. On to manage flitter--it's a way to quickly follow a lot of people and hopefully many will follow back--I guess it's important...still undecided about Twitter since I've been tweeting my books and not getting many sales as a result. How about you? Does it help?

Keywords, a subject I've read about but have no patience for, has now been taken over by my marketing person, Chris OByrne. It is too early to tell, but I'm hoping my readers will find my books because of all the work Chris has done.

I highly recommend getting help in these areas--even if it costs it frees an author up to concentrate on
what they love, which is WRITING. I've noticed I have a less anxious demeanor since I hired Chris.

Thanks for reading!!!

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