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Thursday, September 22, 2016

The end of the world

This is an off the wall blog post for me considering that most of my posts have to do with writing. But. The world is turning into a very weird place--have you noticed?

1. WAR--what I thought was the beginning of a peaceful era during the Clinton administration was immediately turned on its head when Bush got in. Right off I'll admit that I am a democrat, or I should say, an independent. But lately I hate both parties and congress and everyone who has anything to do with politics or running our country, including Mr. Obama who has been pushing the insanely flawed TPP. (Trans-Pacific Partnership)
 According to reports I've read when Bush took us into war in Iraq there were only 100 Taliban--and look at what happened as result of destabilization.  Continents are being flooded with people fleeing the war zones, young people are being swayed to join Isis and doing all sorts of crazy violent acts to prove themselves. Countries are turning in on themselves and becoming isolationist at a time when we need cooperation more than ever.

2. And what is this absolute obsession with money? We can't stop fracking, which is causing earthquakes, using up billions of gallons of water, a natural resource that is dwindling, and could very well be the end of us. Why? Because too many people are getting rich. It is also why we can't get anyone in congress interested in funding natural energy sources. We can't do anything about gun control because of the NRA? How many horrible shootings does it take? And I'm not going to mention the insurance companies and the health care problems--Obama tried, but I'm sure all his good work will slowly dwindle away because of the one thing he didn't address: Insurance companies. If we had a universal system like Medicare we'd be set--but oh no--don't throw me in that briar patch. And pull-eeze keep lowering taxes so that we will have NO services whatsoever! Oh, except the war machine which continues to grow. Beware the military industrial complex. (Eisenhower) The corporations are in charge, folks--get a clue. If we want to take our country back we have to demand it. Not sure what this entails other than voting people in who don't want to line their own pockets or be seen as the greatest man or woman on earth. Good luck finding them.

3. Global warming? --oh heavens, there is no such thing! We don't want to stop our use of fossil fuels until there is not one more drop of oil to be had. And don't do anything about the massive island of trash that's floating around our oceans, the navy doing sonar tests that's killing whales, the plastic that whales are eating and dying because of, the oil slicks that people don't even pay attention to anymore, except the fisherman who have lost their livelihoods.

I am no expert, believe me, but seeing a congress that cannot agree on anything and spends most of their time campaigning for their next election, a country divided in a election for president between a man who is a narcissistic sociopath and a woman who is a career politician? Give me a break! It is all about money--ALL OF IT. And until we really see this fact and begin to address it we are doomed. Frankly I hoped for Bernie Sanders, but with congress still at an impasse it probably wouldn't have done much good.

I will vote for Hillary because if Trump gets in things will get even worse--in my opinion the man is crazier than a bedbug. And spending millions to try and change people's minds?  Doesn't work folks. Anyone who supports Trump does not want to hear why he's crazy--they don't care. And Hillary running around and spouting her stuff? Doesn't matter. Those who are supporting her will support her and vote for her. That's the thing in this country--we have little choice, really. At least in the parliamentary system you can vote the wankers out! And if a new prime minister comes in, the house they are affiliated with comes in with them--they actually get something done! What a concept. We can't even get our infrastructure taken care of--maybe if some major bridges collapse it will get them to pay attention--oh wait--that's already happened.

This is just the tip of the iceburg and we are heading toward it at an alarming rate.

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