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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What to do when the book is finished...

Every time I finish a book I have varying states of what I might call depression, anxiety, or just plain grumpiness. And every time this happens I wonder what is going on with me! I have to be reminded by friends and family that, "You just finished a book, Nikki--this happens every time."

This time I even began another book, but sadly the story seems all over the place and I'm not sure I can trust my characters. I think they're playing with me in my vulnerable state. So today I have barely looked at it, instead buying things on Amazon. What is it they say?  When things get tough the tough go shopping? Well that's where I'm at (grammar, puleeze!)

And, I am planning on drinking wine as soon as the hour seems right--(I seem to be losing time in that department, making up excuses for why I'm starting an hour earlier than yesterday--oh well.)

I have several projects in the writing arena, none of which piques my interest at the moment--when this happens I have to take a few days off, even if it means binge watching television or reading, or as I said before, shopping.

To date I've bought a new black, supposedly, nourishing mascara, a couple of face products from Evan Healy, three T-shirts from Target, a black fitted button down shirt...all reasonably priced. (except for face products which are always high, but hey! I have to look my best, right?)

And now I'm faced with myself again and this sinking sensation in my stomach that is about--what? It must be empty nest syndrome or something similar--my baby just went off to college! But the book is at the formatters and what she is doing looks spectacular! I can't wait for people to see it! And if you missed the teaser I made on Animoto, here is the link: ' Faery teaser

Hopefully next post I'll be far into 'Time Gap'!

keep on reading!

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