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Saturday, June 30, 2012

starting over...

So…starting over on Book two of Wolfmoon Trilogy. I thought I had accepted the less-than-perfect cover that was the much cheaper way to go but…
1.     It’s too dark
2.     The wolves look like cartoon images.
3.     Maeve looks more like the devil’s spawn than a red-haired innocent beauty.
4.     The tree does not look like a willow 
5.   Maeve is supposed to be emerging from the tree but instead she looks like a pin-up girl with weird legs.
6.     And on and on…

It all started with realizing that I had picked the wrong size and the wrong paper color in my original order. When working with Createspace, and I’m sure every other online publisher, you can’t assume they will notice that the last book you did is a different size. Nor will they suggest that you have the spine font the same for consistency. You are on your own to get things the way you want them.

They sent me the proof electronically at first and I went through it to find mistakes. This time most of the mistakes were formatting problems on their end. And so I called. Because of the size discrepancy with Book I, they told me they would have to re-format the manuscript, which meant re-submission. I decided at that point to do another edit of the manuscript before I uploaded it. And, of course, that led to adding some more details that I thought helped the book…does it never end? 
Right now I am still editing a book that I planned to have out by June 21st!

Looks like end of August for this one. I just hope that they come up with a cover design I like. I paid a lot more money and sent in an elaborate description, pretty much pulled from the book since the cover is supposed to be a piece of art received by my protagonist, Maeve.  Patience is a virtue, or so I’ve been told—do I have any? Not much but since we are on the road the delay is easier to take.

Will I internalize the lessons learned from Book I and II when I go to publish Book III? Three’s the charm…(another overused cliché)

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