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Sunday, June 8, 2014

a reprint of my newsletter...

For those who are not on my e-mail list, here's a copy of my latest newsletter!

Nikki's Newsletter

Dear wonderful Friends, and family, 
Believe it or not, I've completed Book #2 in the Gypsy series, 'Gypsy's Return'! The second book of this time-traveling/romance took only four months to write, a record for me. 91,700 words later, I have now sent it off for editing and then will begin the lengthy process of preparing it for publication. I expect it to be up on Amazon by the end of July or early August. For any of you who read Gypsy's Quest, this one continues Gertrude's story, leading us into a changed world. Look for the third in the series sometime early next year!

Meanwhile I have another book that's nearing completion. It's a very different story, inspired by the Sonoran desert where I now live. I don't want to  give it away, but I'll share here that the protagonist is a coyote who would like to be human. The pitfalls of this lead him down several hilarious, strange and dangerous paths. I'm hoping to have this one published in the fall, before the holiday season begins. 

If you've been reading my blog, Authorinprogress, you'll know that I've been struggling with marketing. This aspect of the business of writing  has been discouraging and exhausting for me. It's extremely hard (nearly impossible) to compete with the zillions of books in the marketplace and to find a way to target my readers. A friend mentioned the idea of press releases and ads in local newspapers and I plan to follow up with this when I bring out my new books. A few dollars spent for an advert in The Desert Leaf would at least get my name into the public eye. My books are in several bookstores here in Tucson, but if no one knows about them then the possibility of sales is nil! 

Despite these setbacks I continue to be fascinated with writing, unable to stop myself. The book that began my obsession, the fictionalized WW2 story of my father and mother's struggle to maintain a relationship amid war and myriad other obstacles, is on the back burner. With 400 pages written I have finally figured out a suitable ending. I have a beta reader here in Tucson, a woman whose opinions I respect, and every month we get together to go over the chapters. Once the other two are out, I'll have time to concentrate on this one. 

Thank you all for reading!

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