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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Kindle Countdown deal!

Starting the year off with a bang of deals and new intentions!!!!

All three books of Wolfmoon Trilogy will be available for .99 from Jan. 5-12th! Wolfmoon Trilogy
And the Gypsy Trilogy will be on a countdown right after that (Jan. 13-20th) Gypsy Trilogy
Take advantage of these great deals while they last! 

Between the flurry of holidays, grandchildren visiting and a head cold I have done next to nothing on my blog or my latest novel(s). I envy those who blog twice a week come rain or shine--I'm not one of them. But I also think (excuses) that I need to re-generate between bouts of creativity.

Today we (grandchildren and me) went to the zoo to see the 4 month-old baby elephant and while there we fed the giraffes and observed sleeping panthers and lions. The Tucson zoo is compact but laid out very well. Most creatures seem to be happy, which to me is a major plus. But as always it's sad to see how many animals are critically endangered now. I wish we as a species could try and preserve the ones we have instead of our interminable 'progress'. Could this be why I write fantasy? 

More later after everything settles down...

Hope everyone had a very Happy New Year and are feeling optimistic about 2015!

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